BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs

Naturally, Handmade

BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs

We are part of a long proud line of skilled and creative handcrafters, and women entrpreneurs.

We began this business to help treat the children in our family who must contend with skin sensitivities to common irritants.  We were determined to create a soap that would cleanse, while nourishing and maintaining the hydration of their precious skin.


We personally also use of our products ourselves, and are very proud to offer them to you.

Welcome to BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs!

BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs

We use natural exfoliates to help your skin reveal its very Best self!

BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs

        Naturally, Handmade

Hand Poured, Hand Made Especially For You!

We, here at BubbleLove, get to meet the very best and the brightest of every imaginable field. We are honored to introduce you to Alison D Gilbert, who supports our community by offering a wide range of information to benefit your mind, body and spirit. We thank Ms Gilbert for adding BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs to her online Resource Directory!


BubbleLove Soaps and Scrubs is now a Proud Member of MiQ (Made in Queens), a curated collection of quality, locally manufactured products local Crafter's introduce to discerning consumers online and through select locations! Be sure to find any upcoming MiQ events on our BubbleLove Buzz page!

We Use Essential Oils and Derma Gentle Fragrance Oils

Essential Oils bear all the benefits of being the extraction of organic healthy plants, offering you vitamins and aromatics

Our Delightful Scrubs.....

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Our Salt and Sugar Scrubs

Quick Tutorial! The Scrub is a Finish to your daily bathing experience. Though you Should exfoliate at least once a week, you can bathe each day as normal, mix a dollop of your delightfully fragrant scrub with a little water, rub quickly all over, then only rinse off only enough to rinse off the salt or sugar.

This will leave the Coconut, or Sweet Almond Oil on your skin.

Pat dry and you won't need to moisturize.

Please, Do Not Use Scrubs on the Soles of your Feet!





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Premium quality, Exclusively hand crafted